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Life Style Update

It has been nearly two months since my last update on my Life Style change (or post for that matter).

Today I am proud to say that I have hit the 50 POUND mark of total weight loss. I weighed in this morning at 312, down from 362 when I started in January. I can say without hesitation that my lifestyle has truly changed. My overall appearance is slightly different, my cloths are falling off me, but more importantly I am feeling better because of the better choices I am making of what goes into my body.

It may come as a shock to some who know me, but I barely ever eat red meat anymore. I have not given it up, but I am just not eating it nearly as much. On special occasions I will have a steak (or some type of pork) but for the most parts I am eating chicken or turkey. The first time I bought ground turkey from the store I thought to myself "This is going to horrible." After cooking it up in some chili, then tacos, then hamburgers I am hooked. Next step was Turkey Bacon and while it is eatable, I am not sold on it. Nothing like pan fried Bacon!

I still have a long way to go. While the last 4 months have given me the confidence I need to continue this type of lifestyle I still have 62 more pounds to go. Knowing that the next 50 will be harder then the first 50 I have decided to take up the 'Couch to 5K' challenge that so many have done. I will continue to do my Wii Biggest Loser workout, but this will be something that will give me another goal to achieve and help continue my weight loss.

I have purchased a iPhone app that will help me in this process, but I must say I am completely scared to being this challenge. I have never (ever) been in a runner or someone that enjoys it. But seeing my friend Tasha running 5Ks and Half Marathons has really inspired me to give it a shot. Who knows, I might actually become a runner.

Thank you again to all my friends for your support over these last 4 months. It has made the process so much easier and something that without I know I would have failed after the first month.


Lifestyle Change Update

It has been a few weeks since my last update on my Lifestyle change I started in January. I have not been blogging on it each week mainly because I have had higher priorities then blogging about it, which I hate because the feedback/support i received from everyone made it so much easier to deal with. Something I could have used this month.

I weighed in yesterday at 336 - which is a total weight loss this year of 26 pounds. The month of February only saw 8 pounds of weight loss which is disappointing for me but also a learning experience.

I started this month slacking, plain and simple. The exercises I was doing on the Wii were worthless. I did not feel challenged nor did I feel like I was losing weight. Sure enough I only lost 1 pound. Moving forward the next week I saw some good weight loss followed by a week of travel that I gained everything I lost for the month. That was expected and also quite upsetting. I worked so far the previous two weeks to lose the weight and gained it all so back so easily (no working out and not eating correctly).

With that said I did lose weight for the entire month, so that is better then gaining. This month I have no travel plans that will require me to be away from home more then one night which is good. I am continuing to keep under my 2000 calorie limit each day and exercising at least 5 days a week.

I appreciate all of the continued support everyone is giving me - it means more then you will ever know.


Video Recap of techRepublican Digital Bootcamp

Great video highlight of the first annual techRepublican Digital Bootcamp from CPAC this year. David All, Wesley Donehue, Todd Herman and others did a great job and the video put together by the folks at DAG is awesome.


Bradley Byrne Twitter Interview

I conducted today my interview with Gubernatorial Candidate Bradley Byrne. Below are the 10 questions and answers:

@BradleyByrne Q1: What are the three most important issues facing the state of Alabama?

1. Creating more jobs 2. Bringing ethics reform & accountability to state/local gov't 3. Standing up to AEA & bringing true edu reform to AL (link)

@BradleyByrne Q2: What are the three most important issues facing the Nation?

1. Getting Americans back to work 2. President & Congress who don't understand pressing need to address jobs 3. Spending money we don't have (link)

@BradleyByrne Q3: Is the Economic Recession over for the Nation?

No, so long as we have the number of Americans out of work that we do today, it doesn't matter what economists say, we are in a recession. (link)

@BradleyByrne Q4: How is your campaign using Social Media to connect with voters?

We've found it's a great way to share our message and vision for a better Alabama. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube,, Flickr (link)

@BradleyByrne Q5: Last question before user submitted questions, it is an easy one: Mac or PC?

Presently use a PC, but my wife Rebecca and I are looking into Macs right now. (link)

@BradleyByrne Q6: From @cupboardsonline: How [are you] going to protect and expand small biz in Bama if elected?

1. Will not raise taxes on anyone & fight uneeded regs 2. Provide tax credits to biz who hire new people 3. Oppose lawsuit abuse (link)

@BradleyByrne Q7: From @bradleyhankins, In one word, how would you describe yourself politically?

Conservative (link)

@BradleyByrne Q8: From @DanielleBlevins, Has Gov. Riley handled the Gambling issue acceptable/unacceptable?

I don’t know all the governor knows and will not second guess him. I will not call out the Alabama troopers except for an emergency. (link)

@BradleyByrne Q9: From @bradleyhankins, How will you add to more transparency within the state government?

Ban PAC2PAC transfers, grant ethics comm. subpoena power, complete disclosure for lobbyists & legislators. Read more: (link)

@BradleyByrne Q10: Last question from @walkerdl, How will you lure more jobs to Alabama?

Keep taxes & regulations low. I’ll travel the world & tell about our great assets, the greatest being our people. (link)

Thanks so much for Bradley Byrne for participating in our Twitter Interview for the Alabama 2010 Gubernatorial Campaign.


Video: Gov. Riley Responds to Gambling Machines Ruling from AL Supreme Court

Govenor Riley responds to the ruling of the Gambline Machines being ruled illegal by the Alabama Supreme Court.



Speaking Engagement: CPAC 2010

Confirmation came yesterday that I will be speaking as part of the techRepublican panel at CPAC 2010 this year.

I will be presenting on a new Grassroots technology called Roots of Liberty.

If you are going to be attending CPAC this year (Feb. 17-20) let me know as I would love to get together and meet you.

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