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When I Die, What Will be on my Altar?

My friend Wade authored a great post in which he descibed things he suggest to placed on his altar when he dies. I really thought it was great post so I spent some time thinking of what I would suggest to friends and family to place upon mine when I pass. Here is what I came up with:

  • Brown Notecard Size Moleskin
  • iPhone cued to 'Butterfly Kisses' (reminding me of my little one) w/ my Etymotic ER•6i Earbuds
  • A CD of the Troy Trojan Fan Fare
  • A copy of Madden 08 for the PlayStation 2
  • A bottle of Viano's Red Zinnfedel
  • My BBQ Tools not cleaned from my last cook
  • Last but not least, a picture of my family. 

I would love to read what should be placed for you on your altar when you have passed. Anything that would represent you to others?


Good Video

I am not one to usally pass along a funny video but if you are a cat owner you will most certainly laugh at this one.


Mention in Politico

My recent article on TechRepublican about the revamp of the GOP.Com website got picked up by the Politico

On TechRepublican, the blog Herman contributed to before joining the RNC, the president of VM Technologies Jeff Vreeland applauded the site as a “bold step forward,” but pointed to a series of errors and the resemblance of the red banner that tops the new site to the flag of communist China.

“The header needs to be changed - it looks (to me at least) too much like the Chinese flag. I love the different faces of the GOP but the stark red with the blended stars (did you even notice those) has to be broken up somehow,” wrote Vreeland, a former GOP political staffer.

“The website is a major upgrade,” he continued. “Unfortunately there are some small bumps in the road that have to be addressed.”

I appreciate the mention - first time for me to be quoted in Politico.


Good Video, Poor Design

Checking my twitter stream today I ran across a tweet from David:


Another Bad Idea for Birmingham Politics

Joey Kennedy has a column in the Birmingham News in which he complains that the people of Birmingham are lazy (less then 20% voted last week). Joey's entire point was that Birmingham City elections need to be moved to the same time the mayoral race is:


There is one idea that might help improve voter turnout in city elections. Since turnout for mayoral elections is generally 20 percent higher than in City Council elections, we could put the mayoral and City Council elections on the same cycle. Not only would more people vote, but that also would keep City Council members from chronically sabotaging a mayor's programs because three or four council members plan to run for mayor. If the elections were on the same cycle, a City Council member would have to give up his or her seat to run for the top spot.

What Mr. Kennedy misses in his recommednation is that nobody will vote for poor candidates. Until you have a candidate that can get everyone excited about change (does not matter the district), then election turnout will continue to be low.

When you continue to have candidates like Antwon Womak nobody is going to take Birmingham City politics all that serious.


Non Profit Tools for New Media Success [Video]

Here is the video of my latest speaking engagement at SocialSouth.


New Media Tools for Non Profit Success from VM Technologies on Vimeo.

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