Mention in Politico


My recent article on TechRepublican about the revamp of the GOP.Com website got picked up by the Politico

On TechRepublican, the blog Herman contributed to before joining the RNC, the president of VM Technologies Jeff Vreeland applauded the site as a “bold step forward,” but pointed to a series of errors and the resemblance of the red banner that tops the new site to the flag of communist China.

“The header needs to be changed - it looks (to me at least) too much like the Chinese flag. I love the different faces of the GOP but the stark red with the blended stars (did you even notice those) has to be broken up somehow,” wrote Vreeland, a former GOP political staffer.

“The website is a major upgrade,” he continued. “Unfortunately there are some small bumps in the road that have to be addressed.”

I appreciate the mention - first time for me to be quoted in Politico.