Alabama 2010 Election - Twitter Interviews


Seeing how the Alabama 2010 election season is kicking into full gear now that the primaries are only 6 months away, I have decided to do a round of Twitter Interviews with each candidate. I am going to start with the Alabama Gubernatorial race and then move on to the Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and so on and so forth.

I plan on presenting all candidates with 5 questions about their specific race (Governor, Lt. Governor) and then will be accepting questions from the Twittersvere. From all of the submissions (either from twitter or comments) we will pick 5 for the candidate to answer.The five base questions for each candidate will be posted tomorrow.

The 8 major candidates for Alabama Governor have all been contacted to schedule their interview on twitter. So far we have State Treasurer Kay Ivey, Bill Johnson, and Rep. Robert Bently scheduled on Friday for their interview. The Bradley Byrne and Roy Moore campaign have also responded to our emails and we are getting their interview scheduled.

So for your part, I need questions you would like to have answered by Ms. Ivey, Mr. Johnson, and Dr. Bently in 140 characters or less and your twitter handle if you have one. No anonymous comments will be considered.

The conversation in its entirety will be posted here upon being completed. Looking forward to receiving your questions!

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