State Treasuer Kay Ivey Twitter Interview


I conducted today my interview with Alabama State Treasurer and Gubernatorial Candidate  Kay Ivey. Below are the 10 questions and answers:

@KayIvey Q1: What are the three most important issues facing the state of Alabama? (Link)

1) Jobs jobs jobs! 2) Having our students learning at high standards. 3) Getting the government off our backs and out of our pockets. (Link)

@KayIvey Q2: What are the three most important issues facing the Nation?

1) Nat'l security 2) The economy and getting our citizens back to work with good-paying jobs 3) Systemic problems w/ govt: debt, taxes, etc. (Link)

@KayIvey Q3: Is the Economic Recession over for the Nation?

I don't believe so. Until we see SUSTAINABLE economic growth-not this seasonal bounce- w/ companies expanding to hire more employees, no. (Link)

@KayIvey Q4: How is your campaign using Social Media to connect with voters?

We utilize Facebook (2471 Friends) and Twitter (381 Followers) extensively and want to increase those #'s. We'll make more use of YouTube. (Link)

@KayIvey Q5: Last question before we get to user submitted questions, it is an easy one: Mac or PC?

I LOVE my iPhone, but don’t have MAC…yet. It’s PC tech at KI HQ. The viruses alone w/ PC are enough to make the full conversion to MAC tho. (Link)

@KayIvey Q6: Onto user submitted questions, From @bradleyhankins, What will you do to stay connected with the people of Alabama?

Make greater use of soc media from the Gov’s Ofc. I’ve hosted radio now & done a Teletownhall I’d like 2 do more of that after I become Gov. (Link)

@KayIvey Q7: From @bradleyhankin, Will you promise not to raise any taxes for anyone in the state of Alabama?

YES! We don’t need higher taxes! Govt. needs to tighten its belt. I hope you’ll scrutinize all the gov cand’s records on higher taxes. (Link)

@KayIvey Q8: From @Walkerdl, How will you lure more jobs to AL?

I have REAL experience w/ eco development & job recruitment. Worked @ ADO. Different approaches, please visit my website for more details. (Link)

@KayIvey Q9: From @bradleyhankins, In one word, how would you describe yourself politically?


@KayIvey Q10: Last question, From @Walkerdl, What is your plan to improve education & test scores in AL?

Too long for 140 characters. I’m only fmr teacher in race. Education's my passion. Plz visit my website for Chrtr Schlz & other ideas. (Link)

Thanks so much for @KayIvey for conducting our first Twitter Interview for the Alabama 2010 Gubernatorial Campaign. Stay tuned for more interviews later today!