Lifestyle Change Week 1


I have now completed my first week of my Life Style change and I have to admit it was easier then I thought. Using the combination of LiveStrong.Com (including the iPhone App) and the Biggest Loser Wii game I was able to drop 7 pounds. I weighed in this morning at 355. My thought going into the weigh in was I would loss around 3-5 pounds but instead was able to lose 7.

I was able to keep my calorie intake under 2000 calories all week, which was my goal. I am really likeing the LiveStrong website as it helps me keep track of the calorie intake and has a database of every single food I can possibly imagine.

On to my big test. I am in LA all week and away from the comforts of home cooked food and my Wii for exercise. Instead I will be eating out each meal and exercising on my own in the Marriott gym.

I ask for your prayers and support this week as it will be my biggest test of all and hopefully I am able to duplicate the 7 pound weight loss again. I appreciate the support all of you have shown over this last week and selfishly have to ask you all to keep it up. For me to be successful I am relying on my friends and family to help keep me accountable (that includes you Mom).