Lifestyle Change Week 4 - You are the Biggest Loser


I have now completed my fourth week of my lifestyle change and things are going great. I feel better everyday and while my physical appearance has not changed that much I know it is starting to do so. I weighed yesterday morning at 344 which was only a 3 pound lost for the week but 18 pounds total for the entire month! For me this is a great change. It is a healthy weight loss that I know can be continued in the months to come.
Yesterday also concluded my 4 week workout with the Biggest Loser Wii game and to my surprise I was the Biggest Loser!! Unfortunately I did not win the $350,000 that comes with that.
I have been quite surprised with the use of this game. So much so it looks like Jenny and I have decided not to join a gym but to continue to use the game in combination with another Wii Game (Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009). We are going to be able to safe money and continue to exercise on our own time frame at home. I started the "Biggest Loser Game" again this time selecting a 8 week program in which my goal is to lose 40 pounds. Ideally I will be happy with 15-20 pounds each month.
My main goal is to continue the healthy eating habits I have established while exercising on a regular basis - both things I should have no problem keeping up.
I want to again thanks everyone for the support and kind comments. As I continue to say - having an awesome support system makes this lifestyle change so much easier.