Lifestyle Change Update


It has been a few weeks since my last update on my Lifestyle change I started in January. I have not been blogging on it each week mainly because I have had higher priorities then blogging about it, which I hate because the feedback/support i received from everyone made it so much easier to deal with. Something I could have used this month.

I weighed in yesterday at 336 - which is a total weight loss this year of 26 pounds. The month of February only saw 8 pounds of weight loss which is disappointing for me but also a learning experience.

I started this month slacking, plain and simple. The exercises I was doing on the Wii were worthless. I did not feel challenged nor did I feel like I was losing weight. Sure enough I only lost 1 pound. Moving forward the next week I saw some good weight loss followed by a week of travel that I gained everything I lost for the month. That was expected and also quite upsetting. I worked so far the previous two weeks to lose the weight and gained it all so back so easily (no working out and not eating correctly).

With that said I did lose weight for the entire month, so that is better then gaining. This month I have no travel plans that will require me to be away from home more then one night which is good. I am continuing to keep under my 2000 calorie limit each day and exercising at least 5 days a week.

I appreciate all of the continued support everyone is giving me - it means more then you will ever know.