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Lifestyle Change Week 4 - You are the Biggest Loser

I have now completed my fourth week of my lifestyle change and things are going great. I feel better everyday and while my physical appearance has not changed that much I know it is starting to do so. I weighed yesterday morning at 344 which was only a 3 pound lost for the week but 18 pounds total for the entire month! For me this is a great change. It is a healthy weight loss that I know can be continued in the months to come.
Yesterday also concluded my 4 week workout with the Biggest Loser Wii game and to my surprise I was the Biggest Loser!! Unfortunately I did not win the $350,000 that comes with that.
I have been quite surprised with the use of this game. So much so it looks like Jenny and I have decided not to join a gym but to continue to use the game in combination with another Wii Game (Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009). We are going to be able to safe money and continue to exercise on our own time frame at home. I started the "Biggest Loser Game" again this time selecting a 8 week program in which my goal is to lose 40 pounds. Ideally I will be happy with 15-20 pounds each month.
My main goal is to continue the healthy eating habits I have established while exercising on a regular basis - both things I should have no problem keeping up.
I want to again thanks everyone for the support and kind comments. As I continue to say - having an awesome support system makes this lifestyle change so much easier.


Lifestyle Change Week 3

Lifestyle Change Week 3 is in the books and it was a much better week in terms of confidence and weight loss. I weighed in this morning before I left for my speaking engagement at 347 pounds. This is a change of 7 pounds!! I was so excited to see that number. After a discouraging weigh in last week it was satisfying to see a loss of 7 pounds and 15 pounds in three weeks. 

While last week was disappointing I was encouraged while watching the television show Biggest Loser (Week 2) talk about the Week 2 Blues. I immediately gained an enormous amount of confidence midway through the show when the trainners spoke on how hard it was to lose weight in Week 2. I never knew that Week 2 of any diet/lifestyle change was so tough - but evidently it is.

This week I have another challenge as I am typing this from the airport as I get ready to board a plane to Boston. I arrive after midnight which will result in me being not able to workout like I had planned. It also makes eating dinner tougher - but not impossible.

I continue to use a combination of Lifestyle.Com Website/iPhone App and the Biggest Loser Wii game for exercise. This week I will be using the hotel gym and hopefully will not duplicate my California trip in terms of weight loss.

I want to again thank everyone for their support during this lifestyle change as I have said and will continue to say it makes everything easier having such a great support system of friends and family.


Los Angeles Photos

I plan on doing a more formal write up on our trip to Los Angeles, but for now I am just putting the photos online. Click below the fold to see some of my favories.


Lifestyle Change Week 2

This past week was my first major obstacle as I traveled away from the comforts of home cooked (controlled) food and to Los Angeles for the week. I did the best I could throughout the entire week making sure to watch my calories and what I eat while being able to exercise on the treadmill (35 minutes of brisk walking) 4 out of the 7 days. Unfortunately when I stepped on the scale last night I had only lost one pound, making my weight 354.

Needless to say I was pretty discouraged last night. I thought I had done really good and the hard I put in was for 1 pound. My first reaction was this cannot be right so an hour later I got back on to see the same result. Discouragement set in for the rest of the night. 

Not wanting to get down to far I woke up this morning and shrug off the discouragement and kept going. As I told Jenny I feel so much better over the course of the last couple of weeks (due to the way I am eating) so I know I have to be doing something correctly. 8 pounds in two weeks is just fine for me. I am changing my life - not trying to win The Biggest Loser.

This week I am in town and will hopefully be joining Gold's Gym and be able to establish a solid workout routine. Next week I am back on the road to Boston, but only for 3 days. Hopefully I can continue the workouts and continue down the road of changing my life.

Thank you all for the continued support and encouragement - it is relaly what keeps me going through this all.


Dr. Robert Bentley Twitter Interview

I conducted today my interview with Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Robert Bentley. Below are the 10 questions and answers:

@bentley2010 Q1: What are the three most important issues facing the state of Alabama?

Jobs, jobs and jobs are hte most important issues facing Alabama. See my jobs plan here: http://bit.ly/8n3Qlt @jvreeland #alpolitics (Link)

@bentley2010 Q2: What are the three most important issues facing the Nation?

The economy, the deficit, and Federal intrusion into issues of state sovereignty, #alpolitics @Bentley2010 (Link)

@bentley2010 Q3: Is the Economic Recession over for the Nation?

We lost 85,000 jobs last month. It will get worse, and I won't consider it over until unemployment drops to prerecession levels #alpolitics (Link)

@bentley2010 Q4: How is your campaign using Social Media to connect with voters?

We use Twitter, Facebook, and our blog to maximize two-way communication to maintain focus on the needs of all Alabamians #alpolitics (Link)

@bentley2010 Q5: Last Question before we get to user submitted questions, it is an easy one: Mac or PC?

It depends on your needs. PCs are cheaper for the same power, Macs experience fewer viruses and are better for some applications #alpolitics (Link)

@bentley2010 Q6: From @bradleyhankins, What will you do to stay connected with the people of Alabama?

Any Alabamian will be welcome in my office. I aim to spend one day per week visiting different parts of the state #alpolitics @Bentley2010 (Link)

@bentley2010 Q7: From @bradleyhankin, Will you promise not to raise any taxes for anyone in the state of Alabama?

I promise. In these economic times, we need to cut taxes, not raise them. Tax deductions & tax breaks will help our economy #alpolitics (Link)

@bentley2010 Q8: From @Walkerdl, How will each you lure more jobs to AL?

I will create incentives for existing firms to expand. I introduced a bill to give tax breaks for hiring unemployed Alabamians. #alpolitics (Link)

@bentley2010 Q9: From @bradleyhankins, In one word, how would you describe yourself politically?

Conservative. #alpolitics @Bentley2010 (Link)

@bentley2010 Q10: Last question, From @Walkerdl, What is your plan to improve education & test scores in AL?

Expand the AL Reading Initiative, AMSTI, and distance learning. Also pilot programs for charter schools should be explored #alpolitics (Link)

Thanks so much for Dr. Robert Bentley for participating in our Twitter Interview for the Alabama 2010 Gubernatorial Campaign.



Lifestyle Change Week 1

I have now completed my first week of my Life Style change and I have to admit it was easier then I thought. Using the combination of LiveStrong.Com (including the iPhone App) and the Biggest Loser Wii game I was able to drop 7 pounds. I weighed in this morning at 355. My thought going into the weigh in was I would loss around 3-5 pounds but instead was able to lose 7.

I was able to keep my calorie intake under 2000 calories all week, which was my goal. I am really likeing the LiveStrong website as it helps me keep track of the calorie intake and has a database of every single food I can possibly imagine.

On to my big test. I am in LA all week and away from the comforts of home cooked food and my Wii for exercise. Instead I will be eating out each meal and exercising on my own in the Marriott gym.

I ask for your prayers and support this week as it will be my biggest test of all and hopefully I am able to duplicate the 7 pound weight loss again. I appreciate the support all of you have shown over this last week and selfishly have to ask you all to keep it up. For me to be successful I am relying on my friends and family to help keep me accountable (that includes you Mom).

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