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In the Realm of Political Humor

Birmingham Board of Education Candidate Antwon Womack lied about background, tells media to stop talking about it. The video is long, but so incredibly worth the watch. Guaranteed to make you laugh.

Video Courtesy of NBC13


'Washington Times' Hints at Governor Riley Presidential Run

The Washington Times ran an article this morning where they hinted at a Presidential Run for current Governor Bob Riley.

Mr. Riley plans another solo motorcycle ride across America and Canada all the way to Alaska next year. When asked whether he will contemplate a presidential campaign on that trip, Mr. Riley downplayed the idea. Nevertheless, when pushed, he added that he has "never ruled out anything in my life."

The question now: Will the Republican establishment take notice?

I said in 2006 that if we had a republican Lt.Gov (i.e. Luther Strange) that Gov. Riley would be a very viable VP candidate. Now, with no real front runner coming to the state in 2012 I think his name will come up on the national circuit. There is alot of time between now and then so we will have to wait and see what happens.



Political Humor at Twitter's Expense

Its always good to have a little bit of political humor in the daily grind. After the recent downtime of Twitter these last couple of weeks, I thought this cartoon played perfectly.



The Scobalizer Answers the Question: "What Makes a ‘Followable’ Person?"

Tech Jounalist Robert Scoble recently unfollowed everyone on Twitter after reversing his stance on auto-following everyone. He wrote a great post on why he did this. Nested in that article was a great bit of information on What Makes a ‘Followable’ Person?


SocialSouth, Deep Fried Social Media

Towards the end of August (Aug 21-22) SocialSouth is going to be convening here in Birmingham, AL.

This is going to be a huge SOcial Media Conference for the entire Southeast with top social media experts such as Esra’a Al Shafei, Dave Barger, Toby Bloomberg and many more.


Gizmo5 and Google Voice Now Playing Nice

It was only a matter of time before a VoIP service would sync seamlessly with Google Voice. I was hoping it would be Skype, but Gizmo5 beat them to it.
This is really going to change how VoIP services work and make money. If Skype can capitalize on this process with their $3/month Skype out feature then I see it really expanding sales.

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