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Giving up DirecTV

The wife and I are in serious discussion recently about giving up on DirecTV all together and going to Over the Air cable and internet content.
While I am not worried about myself as I watch most of my video from online sources (Hulu, BitTorrent, etc..), I am worried that my wife will not be able to adapt.
OTA content will give us all of the local channels including 'General Hospital' the soap opera she watches daily, but it will not give us what I like to call background noise.


Google Reader Redo

I have used Google Reader for about 3 or 4 years and would always get into a situation where it was overloaded and i regularly had 1000+ items in my reader to burn through. What I found was I never was actually reading anything and just clicking 'j' (key for next item).
So about 3 weeks ago I started over, I deleted my subscriptions and just recorded my habits of websites I check regularly. About this time Google released the social media improvements of Google Reader.
This allowed me to follow others and get stories they believe are important and wow has it changed my reading experience. I have about 20 subscriptions but am following the same number of people. I feel that I am getting all of the good stories from all over the web both from my subscriptions and all of my followers shared stories.
If you are using another RSS reader I would recommend giving it a try for a week and see what you think. If you would like to follow me and get the stories I recommend (political and technical stories) you can follow me here.


Update on the New Computer

I got the new PC all put together to only discover that my Motherboard was bad. The CPU fan and Video Card were never getting any power.

So back it went to NewEgg and hopefully I will get it back sometime soon. As I told a few friends it is like having to wait to open my Christmas presents all over again.

So for now I wait.


New Computer Specs

I just finished ordering all of the parts for my new computer. This new computer is going to be a unique one as it will run both OS X and Windows 7 through a boot loader. I am going to be using a specific device called - EFiX USB .

From their website:


IPSA Speaking Engagement

I will be giving a presentation at the monthly Internet Professionals Society of Alabama on Thursday, February 12th, 2008 11:30am – 1pm (Networking 11:30-noon; Program noon – 1pm). It will be located at the McWane Science Center, Special Events Room and is free to attend

They do ask that you RSVP so shoot over to their website and do that if you are coming. Its quite simple and quick.


Favorite Super Bowl Ad

Wihtout a doubt my favorite Super Bowl Ad.

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