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Here you will find a deposit of my thoughts, pictures and videos of memorable moments in life and other important things to me that I feel the need to share. I currently serve as a Father, Husband, Business Owner, and Social Media Apprentice. I am also a contributor at techRepublican

For all speaking engagement request, consulting inquiries, questions, or comments you may contact me via email.

YRNF Speaking Engagment

I am going to be giving a presentation in Orlando, FL at the YRNF Quarterly Board Meeting on the use of techonology by Young Republicans.
It will be February 21, 2009 and should be streamed online.

I serve as the IT Committee Chairman for the YRNF and our committee has put together a great road map to network YRs across the country. We will be unveiling our redPin plan that will empower state and local organizations on the web.

As soon as the link is available for the streaming I will let you know.


Holiday Pictures

As promised the pictures from the Holiday Season are now online of the family. The new camera has come in great as we were able to take tons of great pictures with it.

Check them out on Flickr.

Sample pictures are below the fold


Merry Christmas

So at 12:12 am on Christmas Morning (or Christmas Eve) I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Pictures and Video are sure to come of mine as well as some great stories


How Hard is it too Build a Ginger Bread House?

I decided this year that I would like to attempt to build a Ginger Bread house from one of those kits you see at Target for $10. I figured it was as good of time as any to practice making it before Tori gets old enough to understand how good/bad it is.

Well let me tell you something - it ain't as easy as it looks. I started with the below ingredients.



Weekend BBQ

Over the weekend I had the awesome privilege of cooking with my Best Friend and fellow BBQer Matt. We had received a three orders for Pork and Brisket. So Saturday night (around 8:00pm) we fired up the ole' smoker and cooked until Sunday Morning (11:30am). I got absolutely no sleep but I will say there is not many other things on earth I would have rather been doing.

I really do not have any normal "hobbies" or things I do for fun. I main have three things I enjoy (and these are in no particular order): Spending time with my Wife and Daughter, Cooking BBQ, and playing [fill in a video game console]. That is really about it.

So when I get a chance to BBQ, I am more then happy to do so. Pictures are below the fold.


Christmas Pictures

My daughter Tori had her Christmas Pictures taken today and being the nerd I am I have taken some of the good one's and compiled them into a video.

Pictures are located on Flickr.
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