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Titans Cornerback Afraid of Flying?

Tennessee Titans outstanding cornerback Cortland Finnegan was named to the Pro Bowl yesterday and was honored to receive the award. Only problem is he is not sure how he is going to get there, he is afraid to fly

Finnegan says he's thinking of taking a tranquilizer or something to help him through the flight. He says he's really scared and actually has thought of traveling to Hawaii on a cruise ship.

Finnegan says he expects to take 30 people, including friends, family, coaches and teammates with him to Hawaii in case it's his only appearance in the Pro Bowl.

The question on everyone's mind is how exactly does this man get to Titans game across the country? The time it would take to drive has to be impossible with all the practice and preparation that is required of him. Hopefully a local reporter in Nashville will end this speculation for us.


Glad Someone Said It

In case you have been living under a rock somewhere Gene Chizik was hired as the new Auburn football coach. He replaces Tommy Tuberville who had been very successful in his 10-year at Auburn. Great Jeff, we all know he was hired but what is your point? Ok Ok, my point is that there was a far better man for the job in Buffalo's Turner Gill. Why was he not hired? In my opinion and that of Charles Barkley it was race.


How do you use Social Media?

As I sat down at the computer this morning and was battling normal Monday Morning issues I could not help but become frustrated that I could not load up SocialThing.com (Social Media Aggregator) fast enough! It got me thinking about other ways to get access to the Social Cloud and not limit myself to the PC.

Now - first off I am not an iPhone koolaid drinker. I am limited to my Blackberry 8803e from Verizon. I need to explore some new avenues of how to access my social network feeds (Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Digg, Flickr, etc...) all from another mobile device.


A Good Friday Pick-Me-Up

De-Motivational Poster

I found a great Friday Pick-Me-Up website. I would recommend it to anyone that wants a good laugh.


Cybersquatting - 1 President Bush - 0

A recent story on Tech Crunch revealed that the folks who owned GeorgeWBushLibrary.com accidentally (forgot) to renew it. That is not that big of a deal right? You just login to GoDaddy and get it renewed Wrong!

Illuminati Karate, a North Carolina based web development company stole the domain out from under the nose of Yuma Solutions.

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