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Resolutions for a New Year

Its that time of year again were we change the calendars and kick off another New Year and in this case another decade. As everyone does around this time I have decided to put together my New Year Resolution's for 2010 and would love for you to help keep me accountable. These are both resolutions/goals for my personal and professional life which should be an interesting mashup. I hope I can count on you to help keep me accountable. 

1. Weight Loss

For the last decade I have eaten what ever I want whenever I wanted to with no remorse for what it was doing to my health. This has caused me to become an overweight person. Right now I weigh 366 362 pounds. My goal is to weigh 250 by the end of the year. That is a weight loss total of 116 pounds in 12 months and I plan on doing it without dieting. Instead it is time for a lifestyle change. I have tried dieting (Atkins) but gained all of the weight back very quickly. Dieting is just not going to work for me. Instead I need to continue my life as normal but just eat less and exercise more. Right now I eat way too much and exercise none. 

Inspired by The Biggest Loser I am joining a gym and going to start my life style change. Each Sunday I plan on posting my photo and weight right here on my blog. I ask each of you reading to help keep me accountable through my journey. Its going to be extremely tough for me personally but as I have witnessed wants the ball gets rolling it becomes easier to push. 

2. Become More Interactive

Over the last few years the world we know it online has completely changed. No longer are we living in an online community full of one way streets, but instead we are all connected in one big giant neighborhood. My level of interactivity online has been decent, but not to the level I believe my network of friends and colleagues deserve. 

My goal is to begin blogging regularly (twice a week on my blog, once a week on other blogs I author), participate at a more deeper level in my Social Networks, and become a more dynamic content creator.

3. Increase My Productiveness

My wife will tell you I already work way too much - but I would say I work too little. The truth is I do work a pretty good amount each day. The reason for this is my level of productivity is not as high during "normal business hours" as they should be. Instead of working my normal 15 hour days I need to focus on working 8-10 hours days and increase my productivity during those times. My thoughts on how to do this are simple really: become more organized and focus better while dismissing distractions.

That is it - 3 resolutions with achievable goals that I can take measurements on and see what my progress is. I am not only looking forward to the challenge but also looking forward to the relationships that I will build and strengthen.


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